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About HyperSwiss

HyperSwiss helps every team to perform their best

Online project management software to set priorities and align your teams to work faster and smarter across your organization.

Real time overview

Business is moving faster, becoming increasingly collaborative and embracing more remote workers every day. You need a system that lets you plan and adjust in real-time from your office or on the go.

More creativity

Creative teams spend up to 50% of their time managing projects, tasks, deadlines and people, leaving little time to do what they really love and know. Reclaim your creative time with HyperSwiss.

Improve collaboration

Production, support, sales, marketing, analytics and others must work in harmony to produce an amazing product launch. Improve team collaboration to bring everyone together and make your product a huge success.

Built To Scale & Drive Results

As easy to use with thousands of projects as it is with just one. We give you the flexibility you need to manage multiple projects and teams in one tool. Quickly zoom out to see the big picture or drill down for details.

Unite Planning With Execution

Get the accurate, up-to-date info you need to make the deadline while the team saves time on status meetings. Use our real-time reporting and analytics to guide your team and adjust on the fly.

Coordinate Across Teams

Break down team silos. Set up workflows for projects to notify task owners when they should begin work. Reduce miscommunication and mistakes when everyone has transparency into work.

Simple Pricing

Start immediately with the free account without obligations. We are not asking for credit card during your usage of free plan.




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Our Awards

Great user experience 2017

This certificate is granted to products that offer especially good user experience. We evaluate how easy it is to start using the product and how well-designed its interface and features are to facilitate the work process.

Rising star 2017

An award given to products that have recently entered the market but are already becoming very popular.


Kanban Board, Calendar and List Views

For each project, tasks can be visualized with several views: Board, Calendar, List and Gantt. Each view shows the result of the filter box at the top.

Private and Team project type

There are two kinds of projects: Team Project with user and group management, Private Project that belongs to only one person, there is no user management.

Project Permissions

Each project is isolated from other projects. Project access must be allowed by the project owner. Each user and each group can have a different role assigned.

Syncing your calendars

HyperSwiss supports iCal feeds for projects and users. This feature allows you to import tasks in almost any calendar program (Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar, Mozilla Thunderbird and Google Calendar).

Project Analytics

Each project has it's own analytics section. Depending on how you are using HyperSwiss, you can see reports like: User repartition, Task distribution, Cumulative flow diagram...

Two-Factor Authentication

Each user can enable the two-factor authentication. HyperSwiss use the Time-based One-time Password Algorithm defined in the RFC 6238. There are many apps compatible with this standard: Google Authenticator, FreeOTP, OATH Toolkit.

What our clients say

As the business owner, I feel more connected and aware of what is going on in the office when I’m away. It’s easy to see what needs to be done with deadlines and who is responsible for the task.

Valentina Borman

Borman Law Offices

Execution of projects. Instead of drowning in an endless chain of emails, there is clear, and easy accountability meaning tasks actually get done!

Tim Howard

M&M Pharmaceutical

Simply put, we get more work done, quicker, and better. Productivity is up. Errors are down. Clients are happier.

Brandon Johnson

Brainstorm communications

We have so much more time to get on with our own work, as we no longer have to keep 'checking in' and are in touch where ever we are in the world.

Ruben Gonzales

K2 Architecture